Extrusion Porosification Technology (EPT™)

EPT™ : Extrusion et Spray Drying

High viscosity drying and porosification

EPT™ technology

EPT™ technology, developed by Clextral, combines a process of extrusion and spray drying.


Main advantages of EPT™ technology:

  • Spraying and high viscosity drying
  • Flexible and compact line process
  • Optimisation of the existing drying line
  • Creating new forms of powder


EPT™ enables non-sprayable semi-pasty products to be handled and formulated in-line using standard technologies available on the market.


The extruder enables in-line additions of sensitive components to improve process.


The high levels of dry matter before spraying and the presence of a gas to create foam before the spray enables the drying phase to be optimised (time and temperature).


Come and test the flexibility of this breakthrough technology on the only one EPT™ pilot in Europe, resulting from a partnership with Clextral.


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