Electrostatic spray drying with PolarDry®

LIS by Lesaffre is proud to announce that it expands its portfolio of solutions with the Fluid Air’s technology. Should you require strong encapsulation, non oxidant conditions and moderate drying temperature, we can do it for you !

PolarDry® technology uses an electrostatic spraying process.


The key advantages of PolarDry® technology:

  • Improved encapsulation (less oil on the surface)
  • One-step agglomeration
  • Low drying temperatures
  • Drying under nitrogen



Experience this breakthrough technology at the Powder Studio™ and allow our talented engineers to assist you in bringing your product to life.

  • Electrostatic spraying

    Significant reduction of oil on the surface for drying emulsions

  • Low drying temperatures using nitrogen
  • One-step agglomeration

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