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LIS France

LIS France

LIS France is a subsidiary of the LESAFFRE group, located in Normandy in the Manche department near Granville and Coutances. LIS France was created in 1936 and has operated 2 distinct activities from its site in Cérences:

  • The northern part of the facility is dedicated to our drying services business (industrial and speciality spray-drier, vacuum drier, pilot hall.)
  • The southern part of the facility is dedicated to manufacturing bread-making ingredients for the LESAFFRE group, particularly improvers and premixes, as well as repackaging dry yeast into small sachets for end consummer.


With over 250 employees, LIS France is a major player in the economic fabric of the Sud-Manche area. Frequent job offers are available, so come and join us!

LIS Polska

LIS Polska is a subsidiary of LIS France; it was created in 2000 in Legnica, Silesia and is just 70 km from Wroclaw. LIS Polska is our second industrial facility regarding our drying services business and is equipped with modern and high performance equipment.


A steady and ongoing investment programme has been operating on this site, which had over 85 employees in 2019.


Frequent job offers are available, so come and join us!

Lesaffre is also…

Yeast & baking solutions

Lesaffre is a leading global player in the yeast and bread-making sector.

Saf Instant



Food taste & pleasure

Yeasts also play a key role in the world of taste and nutritional pleasure.




Health care

Lesaffre has always been committed to serving the well-being of the living.





In the biotechnology sector, Lesaffre is developing efficient cellular nutrients.




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